10 things about Women


1. There is an enormous amount of work needs to be done so the man feel himself the most important, smart, strong and beautiful.
2. To impress us you just need to do your promise. We didn’t get you started.
3. Men cannot even imagine how easy to predict their actions.
4. A man is always reflected in a woman. The more he loves, the more brightly she is and this is impressing him… and this is going on to the infinity.
5. Next to the woman a man have to remember that there is another land next to him… another continent. America, for example.
6. Do not be afraid of smart women. When it comes to love – the brain is switching off.
7. After the Italian Opera I wants to go to the restaurant. After the German – sometimes do not feel like talking.
8. Bright make-up – is to be visible from a distance.
9. We allowed to achieve everything by tears.
10. One eastern philosopher said that the handwriting is the traces of the heart. So please, do not confess your love and do not break up with the SMS.