10 Things about Women


1. No matter what you are hiding, we feel and understand everything – even the things we would not want to know.
2. If the communicative and emotional girl is silent – is better to listen her more attentively.
3. Women can understand each other without the words. Therefore we sometimes forget that we have to talk out everything with you.
4. Knowledge that men are smarter than we are, gives us hope that you will not be attracted by the shiny package but the valuable content.
5. In fact we can make a man do anything. If we do something ourselves it is just because it must be done quickly and we were tired of reminding you.
6. We are not impressed by stories of your past achievements and ambitious plans. But we can be easily hit if you will make something useful here and now.
7. The only man who understood women is Bergman. But he died.
8. Women do not know and do not want to know about the other women, if it is not her friend.
9. There is a myth about the chaos of useless things in a woman bag. There are all needed!
10. Scientists said that they recently discovered the gene in women which is giving happiness.