10 Things about Women


1. We never fully forgive. Therefore in a man who can not forgive we see something feminine.
2. The most useful thing a beautiful woman can make to the society – to prefer a decent men.
3. Our strength is in our weakness, but our weakness is immense.
4. We have a special relationship with the time.
5. We believe in love.
6. We agree with Lobachevsky and believe, that the parallel lines are intersect.
7. Lack of sense of humor can be forgiven only if the man is kind, intelligent and honest.
8. Flowers, diamonds, yachts and cars are not important. The main thing is that you have a big desire to give it to us.
9. The most delicious apples hanging on a tree but the men are afraid to climb so high and therefore prefer the ones that have already fallen to the ground.
10. We can not do without you. Really.