10 Things about Women


1. Disappointment in beloved one is destroying. But life without charming is very very sad.
2. The temptation came to the world through a woman. But the Annunciation we heared first.
3. Our independence is the carefully masked desire to become dependent.
4. Even if we cooked muck… please eat it. This is very important.
5. When you are not at home we sniff your stuff. as in childhood sniffed our mother’s.
6. When you are not calling to us, we try to think that you are doing something important. For example – save the world.
7. In fact we like when you are fight with our shortcomings.
8. We are very amorous and very loyal. In women these qualities combine perfectly.
9. It is possible to lie to a woman. Just like this she’ll never find out the truth. But this is impossible.
10. A woman can change the world. It was already happened 2012 years ago.