10 Things about Women


1. Women can do everything – we just need to decide whether we wanna do it.
2. We know what we want in first 3 seconds. If not – it’s part of the plan.
3. We start to appreciate the beautiful male body after 25. Before this everything is based on the emotions.
4. A woman needs a daily hero. This is not necessarily should be a man.
5. We also discussing how to save the world.
6. A resolute woman like a horse. She will not wait you.
7. A Woman have a deep dark soul. Everything can be buried there.
8. We think that you are not born as a man  – you become a man… or not.
9. Akhmatova said already: “The tenderness can not mixed up with anything. And it is quiet.”
10. Beware of women who have nothing to do.