10 Things about Women

TedEmmons021. We purr when we pat on the hair, and can grab the nose to remind about ourself. You are at risk if forgetting about us.
2. We hate male’s vanity and hypocrisy.
3. We can become furious if we find out that was deceived. Do not force us turn into monsters.
4. Man do not know everything about women. If he thinks so – it is an illusion, which woman creates.
5. If a woman asks something, you better give it to her very fast without thinking. Will be cheaper.
6. Only very smart women can fake an idiot, so you will not distinguish.
7. If a woman says, “Well, I don’t know,” “yes… yes” or “Well… later,” in real it’s means “go to hell.”
8. To get something from us, you have to make us laugh. When we laughing, we do not think.
9. Women start to fear old age before men does, but stopping earlier.
10. I can forgive only one weakness of my man. This weakness must be me.