10 Things about Women


1. You can say so much about a man by his ringtone! Extraordinary men use vibration.
2. Sirs! Re-read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky  – everything about us is written there.
3. Women know how to explain the way. Just shops signs are much better landmark than the “third big crossroad with the traffic lights.”
4. When we are crying and telling you about our problems, do not offer 33 solution right away… just simply listening.
5. The failure of our beloved one upsets us more than our own.
6. Sometimes we so much enjoying to give an orders! We are happy when you pretend that you are not noticing this.
7. When you saying “I know what’s on your mind”, it is the same as we say “I know what’s the weather in Uranus.”
8. The whole women world is in her purse. If you look inside, many things will become clear… Or, you will be confused completly.
9. We like to try different roles as dresses.
10. Sometimes we feel a painful storm of tenderness – to a dog, a bird, a man, a cat.