10 things about Women


1. If I were a man I would also liked Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone. But any fool can be admire by them. Think of something more intelligent.
2. Men who live with their parents are irritating.
3. We really appreciate the male behavior. Even if we do not jump up and pip. Especially if we do not jump up and pip.
4. If we moved the furniture so that when you got home, you thought it was a wrong floor – we are not crazy. This is how we putting thoughts and feelings in order in our head.
5. When a woman asks “Was it thomething or not,” she wants to hear only “Of course not.”
6. Do not trust the game “we’re friends” –  do not tell about the previoues women.
7. Most of us do try you in husband role in first five minutes. Put up with this.
8. We are not so much wants to get married and children, as we want to know that you do.
9. You can be drunkard, liar, loafer, fool… but you can not be indifferent.
10. Sometimes we really have a headache )