10 things about Women


1. We play up, cry, swear, get offended, we suspect, but in fact we want to be different… – help us!
2. The secret is in scent
3. “Mary, I love you” – painted on the asphalt, lullaby for the night, a kiss on the ankle – a feat that we are waiting for.
4. We are ready to be the wives of the Decembrists… would be Decembrists.
5. Competition between a man and a woman is as stupid as the competition between the head and the heart.
6. When a woman in love – she can forgive everything. When isn’t – nothing.
7. When the sun going away – you can see this. Where we are gone – no.
8. When you’re shopping with us – hours seems like minutes. When you are asking to watch a football with you – minutes seems like hours. This is the Theory of relativity for us.
9. Yes, sometimes we are discussing shopping in Italy and the fit ass of Angelina Jolie. But the key word here is “sometimes.”
10. We do care how you are dressed. Vulgarity and bad taste in clothes is a mirrow of the soul.