10 things about Women


1. The worst thing you can do to ruin a relationship – need sympathy and pity for yourself.
2. Men’s stupidity is the thing which cannot be step over. And if you pointed on it already – you’re dead!
3. The habit of making fun always and on everything become very boring with time.
4. Once you won us, you do not need proof your ownership. But woman every morning must to make sure that you will come back in the evening. Well, or on the next day.
5. The best thing a man can do for a woman – is fell in love with her real, not imaginary character of his fantasies.
6. The role which played the men’s shoes and socks is not exaggerated at all.
7. Flowers underrated and powerful tool! They are proper anytime, anywhere!
8. It’s so great when you ask our advice – and not just about which tie or restaurant to choose.

9. If a woman wants something very badly, try to give it to her. anyway she will got it, but most probably not from you.
10. No matter how we are trying to proof ourself in a relationship, we still want you to always stay strong.