10 things about women


1. The pigment melanin affects the hair color but not quantity of convolutions in the brain.

2. Man should not be a little nicer then a monkey. Do not lie to yourself.

3. The times when we likes melodrama, and you – fiction, has gone. Now we want the winner of Cannes, and you – “Hangover 3.”

4. If we say “I do not know” it doesn’t mean “yes” or “no.” Sometimes we really do not know.

5. We didn’t finish the British high school with exellent marks, studied in the best universities, worked out on the deltoid muscle and didn’t eat after eight – just to cook a soup and wait indulgent “Thank you, it was delicious.”

6. Girl’s Best Friend – her friends.

7. Do not promise us anything.

8. Maybe we cannot park the car, but you are not able to tolerate the pain. So what is worse?

9. You learned how to make a manicure and match socks with shoes. And we are still looking for the nobility, strength, courage and compassion.

10. We will survive even the end of the world if we are properly supported and on time.