10 things about women


1. We do not want to be a superhero – it’s a big responsibility.

2. The body armor material invented by woman – Stephanie Louise Kwolek. We protect you.

3. We are living Today. But on the first date we already imagine our common grandchildren and if we don’t… then this was the last date.

4. Our hearts will never retire.

5. We love not to get enough sleep with you.

6. Tenderness is the greatest show of love.

7. “Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.” – said G. G. Marquez. We believe in this.

8. No need to give us a reason…  we will imagine all by ourself.

9. When you cheating on woman, you have to know that she feels everything: where, when and how much.

10. If we are vulnerable in a relationship with you – this is a good sign. When we are in love, we could easily feel the fear and be self-doubt.