Hände Hoch!


Military – one of the most obvious fashion topics now. Fashion reflects the politics, society and the economy, so the designers’ interest to militarism can be linked to the ongoing armed conflict in Israel, Pakestane, Syria and other eastern countries. Well, at least lovingly refer to history.

It is easy to follow the impact of the war in the history of fashion. From French officers XVIII century we got epaulettes. During the Crimean War the FitzRoy Somerset invent raglan, and the British General James Cardigancardigan. British army were dressed in trench coats by Burberry, sailors popularized duffle coat, Spanish and French soldiers wore berets in the First World War. After the Second World War miliraty fashion disappeared, but in the sixties rockers and hippies strat to wear military-style things as a protest against the situation in Vietnam, and since that time military – the second marine theme.