“Win or failure?” Voyages of Christopher Columbus

6. Voyages of Christopher Columbus

“+” Henry Longfellow and William Faulkner, the “New Yorker” and BuzzFeed, the latest iPhone and burger, Orson Welles and Gus Van Sant, The Sartorialist photos from New York streets and coffee to go – any object or person on this list not only makes our life more pleasant, but also proves that stereotypes can be a basis for the offense and eternal quarrels in the Internet, as well as inspiration for the young schoolchildren and mature restaurateur’ rationalists opens fast food on every corner.

“-” I wouldn’t start with Justin Bieber… but first he asked for it and secondly, he hardly can look into eyes with no shame to their famous predecessors: Bieber exclusively devoted tons of illiterate posts on Twitter and girls’ uniform dreams. If this is not enough, remind yourself with the “Get Green Card” spam and annoying manifestations of American Dream in the range of very white teeth to the “Work&Travel” program… and you will wish to close America back and send Columbus to India.