“Win or failure?” Trojan War

As you probably already read some posts on the Facebook, after 21st of December 2012 it is better not to plan… And not only posts – everybody talking about this. Contemporary artists are inspired by the apocalypse, film directors creates a movies about rebirth and a new era, cartoons – even they are talk about the end of the world.

In the Net I found the top ten stories in human history with pluses and minuses. Here you will find an overview on both sides, taking into consideration the original goals and how they worked in practice.

10. Trojan War

“+”To be honest, it was worth to destroy one small town to get all the culture bonuses which we have today. And this is not only about the big number of oil paintings, Homeric epics and the perfect instrument of torture for the philology students, but Brad Pitt torso in the same name movie, which is amazing so that the Greeks and Trojans should start the more serious war.

“-” One of the largest and bloodiest examples of the “Do not be trusting idiot” advice has failed. Even with the example of Trojans (“Look, the Greeks for no reason decided to build a huge wooden horse and give it us. Here is nothing suspicious”), people do not stop clicks on the “Get an iPad for free” link and find themself under mountains of spam, which could not be handled even by Heinrich Schliemann.