“Win or failure?” Leonardo da Vinci

8. Leonardo da Vinci

“+” One of the few heroes in world history whose meaning is almost undeniable. With his help humanity stopped living in ignorance and darkness, and little by little started to educate themself. It is almost no aspect of the life where Leonardo would not have been the best starting from playing on lyre and finishing by cooking stew. Leonardo is so good and ubiquitous that presents in the cultural baggage of every person.

“-” Dominance of universal people – both designer, photographer, journalist and DJs in the issue do not explain anything but remark “da Vinci could so why I cannot try?” It leaded us to the point of a total collapse of all these professions, a lot of DSLR garbage and recorded with Garage Band music. The damage done by this artistic legacy can not be explained by “Lady with an Ermine”, or aircraft’s drawing.