“Win or failure?” Internet

1. Internet

“+” Best describes of the internet is “same, but different” – all the inventions are on the same places, but with the help of the Internet become better. Libraries are placed in a palm size device, communicating with people on the other side of the world can happend in two-click and does not require stamps and postal aircraft. For cats daily viewing there is no necessary to have a cat, and this is not a complete list – it is the best what could happend with mankind.

“-” To get a complete picture of the damage which brings internet you need to listen your grandmother, Professor or government officials, but if to sum all arguments – the Internet makes you stupid, increases your payments to the eye doctor, makes you feel lonely and in the end will take you to hell. It is difficult to understand is it true or not – hopefully not because of your brain analytical abilities has has fallen under free Wi-Fi.