“Win or failure?” Emancipation

3. Emancipation

“+” Despite all physical and mental differences between men and women the latter were able to overcome a passion for knitting, French and music-making and take over the pants, hammers and forms in order to vote. And the girls learned how to deal with all those tools as good as the opposite sex, despite being given a head start with some nineteen centuries (it is better not to remember what was before the Christ).

“-” If you think about the fact that is was taken so long to allow women to wear pants – end of the world looks like the most favorable result for such slowness civilization. In addition, to be honest, even the suffragists catching a horse were unable to win the fight… And now, for example, men are easier to find a job and increas the salary… and women continue to eat salads and taking opportunity to try new pans from TV commercial.