What is Melbourne? The second largest city in Australia, Financial center, and bla-bla-bla… For tourist from Europe.. it is like home! Seriously! The city is so much looks like Berlin! Shape of the streets, art objects, cafes, shops, public transportation! The only difference is that this city have ocean! OMG! I would love to live here!

To explore: there is a circus tram running around city center.. and it is FREE!

To sleep: a lot of hotels! but… as everywhere in Australia… not cheap (at least in summer time). 2 best sources to find a room are (as usual) and

To see: If you wanna see Melbourne form the sky, you have to go to SkyDeck – on the 88 floor you can see everything!

To have a breakfast: Any place on Degraves street near Federal square. Check out “Grill’d” there.

To eat: “Movida” restaurant on Flinders street, “Mama Sita” on Clins street, “The European” on Spring street.

To drink and have fun: Chapel and Brunswick streets are the great places to go out. a lot of Bars and clubs full of crazy australians. Check out “Lucky Coq”. very nice place to start your fun evening/night. Also “Taxi” bar and “Transport” bar on Federal square, “Cookie” on Collins street,  if you will prefer to stay in the city.

To shop: Chapel street and near are full of shops and big malls. You will buy everything, what you need there! If you want to buy “Ugg”, my recommendation will be to this brand, but “Emu”. Same quality (even better) and half price than famous “Ugg”.

To be on-line: as I can feel on myself, AU have a big issue with public internet… it will take you ages to find wi-fi and eras to find free wi-fi… I used internet cafes, because even in my hotel internet was available from time to time, and it was not free. Only in SkyDeck I found free internet and only on your left hand side.

Love you,

Your K.