Driving Great Ocean

It wasn’t planned… 3 days till New Year eve and we still in Melbourne thinking about driving to Sydney. Coincidently on the Google map I saw the touristic view/point – Great Ocean road. As it is just 2 hours drive from Melbourne, we decided to go there and to explore it a bit. In the end we spend there 2 days… and that is why:

Along the shores of the Indian Ocean, as the coastline east of Adelaide, wends its rocky way toward Melbourne, lies one of the world’s classic drives: the Great Ocean Road. Here, brutal, slicing surf and weather pound malleable limestone and sandstone, eating away at the Australian continent, and leaving mile after mile of sweeping vistas of sculptured cliffs, towers and arches framed against the roiling turquoise sea.

To see: During the drive your eyes will always see the great scene of ocean, beaches, rocks… and it is endless!! There are thousands of scene views along the road. You can stop everywhere and go to the beach or take photos… do wherever you want!

       Exploring the road: We just drove… nothing else… stopping everywhere… having amazing food, enjoying the nature… We end up in the city called Apollo Bay. You have to go there! Such a great town! Small, tiny, worm, friendly… all in one!

       Cape Otway Lighthouse: This is the Northern point in Australia. But this is actually all about the road to the Lighthouse, which is full of wild Koalas! They are everywhere! They are yawning, eating, carrying their babies around and calling out to one another. It is like a koala block party. Unforgettable experience!

To eat: Almost everywhere! The food just great and fresh! I will write down some great places in Apollo bay, just for you to have some indicators:

the Deli: Such a nice food!! if you are looking for fresh, health food – this is your place! Love it!

Cafe 153: Prices are really reasonable. Atmosphere is friendly and very democratic. Good for all types of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but not for a fancy once.  for this you going to…

The Vista seafood restaurant: Prices are pretty high, but the atmosphere are trendy and relax. Great for a special events, like family dinner, show off date and etc.


Your K.