Back and Forth in Australia

Australia is a big country/continent… and to see it you need to travel around. the only question “how”? I had experience in 2 options: by car and by plane. Here is my observation.

1. Never trust tourist information center. It’s seems like they never heard about things like “skyscanner car hire search” or other popular services where you can search the car in the country with best price. Before the NYE they answered us that there is no car available for hiring in Melbourne… 2 hours later we were happy owners of nice off-road Nissan 🙂 we used to find the deal. BUT no navigator was available.. so to the nearest electronic shop google map was our best friend! We had paid for “Garnim” 70 AUS (which is really nice price!).

2. If you are from the biggest part of the world, where cars driving on right… it will be a bit difficult for you. Because here they driving on left. For me it took 1 hour to adapt.

3. Roads are beautiful, nice made and everywhere you will see the direction signs and reminders about driving on left. Penalty are very high here, so FOLLOW THE RULES! Safety cameras are everywhere, even on the highways.

4. Parking in the big cities are problem as everywhere in the entire world. So here no surprises)

1. Same advice about tourist information centers… they are Crap! here is the list of cheap Australian airlines, where you will find the cheapest tickets to your direction: (*) (*) (*) (*)

2. I flew with Tiger airways from Sydney to Melbourne. Interesting experience. Guys love to follow the rules without even thinking about the logic in there. So, Read the rules before going to check-in.

3. To Sydney airport I took the train (16.90 AUS) form Bondi to Domestic Airport station, 1 line change and 23 min trip in total. Very convenient.

4. From Melbourne airport to city center I took Skybus (23 AUS for return ticket). it took me 20 min to ride this bus.

I was surprised, that nobody (and I mean it… nobody) was offering me help with my heavy luggage… It is the first time and the first country I experience this kind of situation… Never thought, that here people can be like this…

But even tho, I made it! and now writing you sitting in my hotel in Melbourne.

Love you,

Your K.