New Year Eve in Sydney

Here we go! Sydney! We arrived on 30th of Dec late evening. All city was already prepared for the celebration. A lot of people were out for a pre-party, well dressed and happy.

New day was long but full of sun, fun, fireworks and drinks! but let me explain everything step-by-step:

To stay: All hotels in town start to be pretend themselves as 5 star hotels (prices are incredibly high). so, plan your booking far ahead! If you want to enjoy firework on Harbor bridge, choose the hotel near by (see transport tho).

To see: Forget about exploring the city on the 31st of Dec! Your only mission is to find the place, where you will have a dinner and than where you will stay to see the fireworks. Ask in your hotel a NYE areas map. The most famous area (next to the Opera House) become full very early (around 5 o’clock). Security will close the exit and maybe they will open it around 9pm… but nobody can confirm this for you. All other areas are closed at around 6-7pm. You neither stay inside chose area nor leave it and shoot for luck later on. We did the second. Left area 7 (opposite Opera embankment) and went for a restaurant to have a dinner. At 10.30pm we went to the area behind the docks and enjoyed fireworks from there. It was amazing!

To move: All roads near Harbor will be closed after 6pm till 4am next year. That’s why I suggested you earlier to choose hotel next to the bridge. Taxi… if you patience enough you can count on them.. but be prepared that some of taxi drivers will refuse to drive you to the place you want to go… Also after the firework… For us it takes 15 min to find a taxi (after 40 min walking from the closed area). We went to the party at Bondi Beach. It was cool, but finished at 2.30am… Than our wish was to go to King’s street to some night club. and again… 40 min for a taxi and DOUBLE (or sometimes triple) price! Be prepared!

To party: Some places will be closed, so check with them before you go there. It is good, if you can be there before 3am. Because after you will find huge queue in front of the club. We were in Goldfish club on King’s street. Nice music, cool people. It was Fun!

Go back to hotel: Same advice – be close to your hotel! Taxi drivers will refuse to serve you. For me it took 20 min to find taxi. (btw, I was already sober).

But even after all this… It was the MOST beautiful firework I’ve ever seen and the best New Year Eve I ever have!

Love you,

Your K.