How to get to Australia

Hello dear Friends,

As promised, I’m starting now telling you small stories about my Australia trip. So, How to get there? My way was the following:

After getting visa I had just couple of hours to find a ticket… because I had to be there on Xmas! If you have possibility to fly from Paris, you are lucky owner of cheapest tickets to Melbourne! I used ‘Skyscanner’ and ‘Momondo’ services to find my flight.

If you will fly to Paris from other city, please keep in mind that you need to change terminals in CDG airport. It will take 20-30 min to do so.

Singapur airport is awesome! You can have free foot massage there, because your legs will be not feeling good after 13 hours flight. Please also note, that when you buy any liquid at the Duty free shop, you cannot take it with you. You will receive the ticket number and will collect your goods at the departure stage.

Than it will take you 7 hours more to come to Melbourne or 8 hours to Sydney.

In Melbourne take a SkyBus to go to the city center. It is cheap and very convenient.

And after almost 27 hour trip you will enjoy Australia!

Love you,

Your K.