Way of communication

Hello my dear Friends!

I want to wish all of you Happy New Year!

The reason why I am a bit slow with my posts last week is that I’m in Australia! This is my first time here and I’m still exploring this great country. In my future posts I want to share with you some great moments in my trip… and now… about the way of communication…

Number 1: Yesterday I was sitting at the lobby bar in my hotel in Sydney and tried to book hotel for the next week at Manly beach as I next week I will be surfing as hell)) So, I was sitting and looking at my computer… As internet here is a pleasure for visitors, the first site i was looking at was Facebook (quick update for my closest friends and etc.). In this moment one guy came to me asking for a quick search in my computer. I even didn’t have a time to answer him and he already added himself to my friend list in FB)) This can be a tip for the guys who want to start to talk with the girl busy with computer. I like his behavior!

Number 2: I was really busy with searching place to stay at Manly, so the second guy choose another way to start to talk with me… he start to write messages on his phone and showed them to me) Also a tip! Well done!

Take away from this evening – Australians are very creative people! Love it!

Love you,

Your K.