Old water

It was beautiful Saturday. I woke up a bit later as usual… But since I moved to another position I working till late sometimes, so weekends for me become a recovering moments.

Beautiful that day was also because my beloved friend came back home and we supposed to meet for brunch… She is right now working in Budapest and showing home only for weekends. And I missing her a lot.

Actually that day brunch moved a bit a transformed into “lunch – dinner” kind of meal. We decided to go to the old Danube. It is part of the city, where people have houses (mostly summer houses) near the water. Beautiful place! During summer time a lot of cafes opening their terraces near or on the water and you can sit there as long as you want enjoying sun and land breeze, eating delicious food and drinking nice wine.

We choose our favorite place called “Freizeitanlage Alte Donau”. My biggest recommendations! You have to check it out!

Meanwhile, enjoy the water views!
Your K.







































Coat: Maison Scotch by Scotch & Soda
Boots: Esprit
Dress: Rich&Royal
Scarf: no name