Love. You cannot buy it. You cannot see it. You can just feel. When your cheeks become red, when your eyes shine as two suns, when you have a butterflies in your stomach. When you want to share everything and do not want anything back.

“I want you to see through the eye of an elephant”
“I want you to join the dance that has no steps”
“I want you to become the Dance”

He wrote letters to her during his 1 year journey.

“I see the moon more clearly, i gaze upon all the Edens that have fallen in me, I saw Edens that I had held in my hands, but let go, I saw promisses i did not keep, wounds I did not heal, tears I did not share, prayers I did not answer…, dreams I did not live, all that was offered to me, and I did not accept”.

After he asks to burn letters, to throw as ashes into the river, and to remember them in an intim work of memory…

“If you come to me at these moments, your minutes will become hours, your hours will become days, and your days will become a lifetime…”

He gives us an amazing sensuality and emphasizes the fusion between animals and human beings in his work.


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