Red Morning

Almost 1 week past by as I came back to Vienna from my trips. I have been in Moscow and than in Amsterdam. My stories about those 2 cities will coming soon here. But today morning…

Today morning was really grey. No sun, no even one piece of sky… just grey. I has a lot of things to do and was thinking how to make this day a bit colorful.

If you will check your fall/winter wardrobe, you will find a lot of dark colours: black, navy, dark green, dark blue, brown, sometimes light brown, etc.

Yesterday was in the tights’ shop and bought couple of pair of colour tights… Today is the day to wear RED! Check it out )


P.S. After receiving number of compliments on the street, I figured out, that Vienna like this outfit. 😉

Boots: Esprit
Tights: Falke pute matt 50
Shorts: Calzedonia
Sweater: H&M