Day of Start



Today is my official start. Had a plenty numbers of posts in different social networks and was told by my friends, that it will be good idea to start my own blog. Today I want to share with you my mindmap of starting this blog.

I’m originally from Moscow (Russia). Moved to Vienna (Austria) about 3 years ago. Before I used to live in New York (USA) and Besançon (France). Working in financial area, and traveling quite often.


The reason why I starting to write is that during my traveling I realized that place, where i live now is quite specific from the art style point of view. Vienna and Austria itself is not a modern place as other European cities and counties. It is quite conservative with the  this coating of the country brave history. Mainly those reasons creates the behavior and style of the people, who lives here. But, as it always happens, there are a lot of individuals who inspire me with the way of thinking and life understanding and also their way in wearing and mixing the clothe and fashion pieces.

Here I want to share with you photos and descriptions of cool and artistic street-looks in Vienna and interesting art and public objects, which appears here pretty often.

Hope you will enjoy my hunter look.